Are You Locked Out? Call A Residential Locksmith !

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Are You Locked Out? Call A Residential Locksmith !

robbersCan you go to bed at night without locking your doors? Will you have a good night’s sleep if you do? I think not. In every home, security is paramount, we want to be able to keep ourselves, our families and properties safe from intruders. This is the major reason why residential locks are necessary in our homes. Residential locks are of different types and sizes according to their position in the house, you wouldn’t want to put a bathroom lock on the front door. Here are the different types of residential locks;

Types Of Residential Locks Fixed By A Residential Locksmith

Sliding locks: these locks are suitable for interior and exterior areas of a residential property.

Double-cylinder deadbolts locks: these locks are adjudged as the strongest and safest locks for residential buildings. It is so strong that trying to open the door forcefully will lead to breaking the door down instead. This means that without a key, you will need to bring down the entire door. It is perfectly safe and is theft-deterrent and has two separate turning locks which is used for the interior part of the house. This means that keys may not always be required before going to sleep at night.

Privacy locks: these locks are suitable for interior areas in the house such as the bedroom and the bathroom. It is a stylishly traditional doorknob which replaces a keyhole with a button and is commonly used in public restrooms. They are also suitable for elderly people and little children.

Single cylinder deadbolts lock: this is a simpler type of a deadbolt lock for residential premises. It has only one keyhole from the exterior and is opened by a knob on the inside. This type of lock is suitable for areas with reduced crime rate, even though, it is a hardened lock and won’t break easily without taking down the door or frame.

Keyed entry locks: these locks are the most popular and are of different varieties to meet the preference of the homeowner and the size and thickness of the door.

Handle set locks: these are beautiful traditional locks with a handle and a keyhole. It also possesses a keyhole on the outside and a button on the inside.

Passage knob locks: these locks are used for closets and pantries that do not require a lock and key. It is suitable for children who may be at risk of accidentally locking themselves in.

Passage lock set: this type of lock has two knobs and is suitable for residential homes in unsafe areas. It has a complex multiple locking mechanism and is very safe to use.

Mortise lock: this is a metal type of lock which can be described as old fashioned and simple. It is suitable for left-handed people or right-handed people, depending on the preference of the homeowner.

Keyless entry system locks: these locks are recent technological developments that grace high-end homes and utilize a thumb print recognition method or a code to be inputted in the system to open the lock.

In order to keep our homes safe while we are away, we must utilize a residential door lock. It is also necessary to maintain these locks regularly so that they do not malfunction and expose our homes to danger. A residential locksmith can fix and manage these different types of locks.

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