The best ways to ensure that you do not get locked out

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The best ways to ensure that you do not get locked out

Locked outsideOften we can get locked out of the house for our carelessness. There are many ways in which you can avoid that. The best option is to carry spare keys. Also keeping the contacts of local locksmiths is a handy choice.

Often when we are careless with our home doors, we can get locked out. It can happen that you leave the key somewhere and then forgets where it is and cannot enter the house. Possibly you have left the keys inside and pull the door shut which have an auto lock system and cannot be opened without the key from the outside. Here are tips that will ensure that you are never locked out of your house in the future again.

Check your purse occasionally.

When you are leaving the house keep checking your purse occasionally and make sure that you have taken the house key with you. Also check the purse when you are on your way just to make sure that the keys have not fallen off somewhere. Better still, always keep a spare set of keys in the purse you maximum carry with you.

Keep lock picks with you.

There are various lock pick tools available and you can easily keep them with yourself just to make sure that you have some choice as your last resort in such situations. But bear in mind that all locks cannot be broken by “amateur locksmiths”.

Keep contacts of trusted local locksmiths.

Again this is the last resort that you can seek and to make sure you have quick access, keep the numbers and contact information of several local and trusted locksmiths and get in touch with them if you need to.

Check the windows and backdoors.

If you are locked out of the house by the front door that does not necessarily mean that you would be locked out from every corner of the house. It may happen that you have left off the backdoor if any or some window open that is big enough to enter. So make sure to check for them before resorting to breaking into your own home.

Credit card.

The credit card in your wallet or any laminated card can come to your rescue only if the door is non-deadbolt bored. Simply slide the card in the crack between the door and the wall and work it for manipulating the door.

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