Tips to burglar-proof your home

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Tips to burglar-proof your home

Burglars breaking into a homeBurglars are opportunistic and always on the lookout for homes that are easy prey. If there’s a hole in your home security strategy, there’s a chance they’ll burglarize you. Burglars case a neighborhood before they rob it. They know when you leave for work. They know when your neighbors leave for work. If you have neighbors that are home during the day, it will make your house a riskier break-in.

1) Equip your home with an alarm system.

Ideally, it should be linked to a central alarm switchboard and connected to a power source that will keep it operational during a power failure.

2) Place notice stickers on your doors and windows.

They indicate to would-be thieves your house is protected by an alarm system.

3) Always lock your doors and windows when you leave the house.

Never leave the garage door open when you’re away from home. It defeats the purpose of having an alarm.

4) Install a peephole in the door rather than a chain lock.

A peephole allows you to see who is at your front door without having to open it.

5) Change all the locks when you move into a new house.

You never know who has a copy of the keys. You should also repeat the exercise if you lose your keys. After all, you never know who found them.

6) Don’t hide a door key outside the house.

Instead, give a spare key to a neighbor or friend you can trust. Also, never write your name, home address or phone number on the key or key chain.

7) Don’t brag about your trip on social media.

Don’t mention your absence on the Internet, especially if you’re on an extended trip. What’s more, don’t give any indication of your absence on your answering machine or voice mail.

8) You can never be too careful.

Even if you do everything possible to protect your home against burglars, there is always the possibility that a thief will manage to break into your home. Having a good home insurance policy will help you protect your house and your goods in case of theft.

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