I bet that you don’t know this about BMW transponder keys

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I bet that you don’t know this about BMW transponder keys

Man with set of BMW keys.The use of BMW transponder keys is becoming more widely accepted because of the security they offer. No key can start your BMW without your transponder key available. This means that the chances of your BMW being stolen are almost zero. Even if the thief makes use of a master key, it won’t start because the transponder key has been programmed to communicate with your BMW’s engine before starting.

There is a microchip in a BMW transponder key that works with programmed instructions. Every transponder key is manufactured with a unique serial number. When you start your car, the chip communicates with the engine. It sends a request to the engine to confirm if it recognizes the serial number, if yes, the car starts immediately and if it doesn’t, your BMW will never start.

There are two classifications of BMW transponder keys. The first classification is based on whether it is battery powered or it works without a battery. It is better to opt for the one that works without battery as you won’t need to worry about charging the battery. Imagine, you will worry about charging your laptop, you will worry about charging your phone and you will also worry about charging your car key? Well, some people don’t mind.

The second classification is based on its programming. Is it zero bitted or encrypted? You may be able to determine which one it is at the point of programming. If your locksmith inserts a new BMW key into your ignition before programming, it is likely to be zero bitted and if he brings out a totally new key and takes it for programming first, it is the encrypted one.

It is often advisable to have a spare BMW transponder key at hand just in case you misplace your key. You can only enjoy all the benefits of a programmed BMW transponder key if it is handled by an experienced and a well trained specialist.

In other words, your locksmith has to be very reliable. Below are the necessary features of a reliable BMW locksmith.

1. 24 hour availability

Since you may not have prior warning before you lose your BMW key or before it breaks, he should be available and accessible 24 hours a day. You may misplace your key and the spare may not be readily accessible.

2. He should respond within thirty minutes

Wherever your BMW locksmith is, he should be able to respond to your call within thirty minutes. This is why it is necessary to look for another locksmith whenever you relocate to another city, county or state. Leaving you hanging for too long may be dangerous.

3. He should be tested and trusted.

You should hire a tested and trusted BMW locksmith that can clearly prove that he has been in the business for a relatively long period of time. A word of mouth reference may be the most suitable in this situation

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