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What to Do When You Lose Your Transponder Keys

Man with set of BMW keys.Transponder keys are a massive new innovation in automotive key technology. There is something very intuitive about how transponder keys work. They are unlike the mechanical keys of old as they have chips embedded in them.

These keys are programmed to work in a certain way. When the ignition is turned on, a signal is sent by the vehicle to the transponder key. The car does not start until the chip in the key sends back the right response.

The big problem with transponder keys is that they are very difficult to replace if they get lost or damaged. So what to do when you lose your transponder key? That’s not an enviable situation to be in, but as long as you follow the steps given here, you should be fine.

Steps to take when you lose your transponder keys.

Step #1: Don’t PANIC!!! We have all been there. Losing a key, whether it’s a house key or a car key, is one of the worst feelings possible. Nobody likes being locked out of their car, especially when you have hungry and sleepy kids with you. The only thing on your mind is to somehow get the ignition started and get home, as quickly as possible. But a DIY solution won’t work with transponder keys, they are far too complex. And your car may have an anti-theft system which may prevent you from starting it.

Step #2: Call an Automotive Locksmith – You have the choice of calling the car dealer. The car dealer will probably ask you to tow the vehicle to their location. So not only does this take a lot of time, it means having to pay for the cost of the towing AND to pay for the replacement of the transponder key. This could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Also, your dealer may not have the expertise to reprogram the transponder key. That’s why you are much better off calling an automotive locksmith who is experienced at these things.

Look for a reputable and skilled automotive locksmith who is capable of cutting you a new key and reprogramming the transponder key. Locksmiths have highly advanced equipment that helps them do this and they charge a lot less than car dealerships.

Step #3: Give the Locksmith the Information He Needs – To cut a new key, the locksmith will require some basic information about your car such as the VIN number, model, year and make. Have this information saved in your phone and also show him some proof of identity along with the vehicle registration number. The locksmith will do what it needed to be done to cut you a new transponder key and soon, you will be on your way home.

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