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How to install a door lock

Locksmith installing a lockNo matter how safe our environment is, we must constantly be aware of our security. How do you secure your belongings better than installing a lock? With so many different types available, you can easily find a lock that will satisfy your needs and meet your personal preference. But how do you install one? Depending on the type of lock you are installing, the steps may vary, but there is a general standard that covers lock installation. Today we will cover how to install a lock and deadbolt onto the door of your home. Let’s get started!

The first step is to chisel out the current latch so that the new one will fit well. Now place the new latch into the chiseled cavity. Go ahead and tighten the screws up if the latch doesn’t already fit snugly. If it does, you can wait until the rest of the lock is assembled.

Next, install the new lockset. Make sure the side where you put the key in is on the outside of your door. (You don’t want to get locked out!) Slide the locket into the hole and tighten the mounting screws. Note that if the strike plate doesn’t line up with the new lock, you should replace the strike plate.

Everything is installed! Now test the doorknob, latch operation, and locking mechanism with the key. Do this with the door open, that way if something goes wrong or if something was installed incorrectly, you won’t be locked out of your home. If everything goes smoothly, then you’re good to go! Tighten any screws that remain to be tightened, and double check the doorknob. If everything opens and closes easily then you have successfully installed your new door locks.

If you are installing a deadbolt as well, the process will be simple after you’ve installed the lock successfully. The process is fairly similar. Load your new deadbolt into the side of your door, making sure the top is facing upward. Fasten it to the side of your door with two screws, and be careful not to tighten them too much. Use a screwdriver to make sure the deadbolt functions properly.

Now it’s time to put on the cylinder faces. Put the faces on one at a time to make installation easier, and fit them so that the flat sides of the tongues are touching. Now tighten the screws and make sure again not to over-tighten. Test the deadbolt with the door open to make sure it functions properly. If everything works, then you have successfully installed a new lock and deadbolt on your door. Congratulations!

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