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Smart Locks Buying Guide 2017

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Smart Locks Buying Guide 2017 Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004 The Internet of Things (IoT) started off as a concept in the late 1990s, but today it is one of the biggest technology trends of our times. There are over 7 billion connected “things” today and by 2020, there are expected to be over 25 billion connected things.

We have smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart cameras, smart cars, and even smart egg trays. So why not “smart” locks?

Smart locks are locks that you can control from your smartphone. They are far more convenient than a traditional deadbolt lock as they you can lock or unlock them even before getting to the door.

Also, you can be sure that your doors are locked and check on the locks every now and then from a smartphone app. If, for any reason, the doors are unlocked, you can lock them with just a tap on your smartphone.

That brings us to the Smart Locks Buying Guide 2017. How do you know which smart locks to buy in 2017? That’s not an easy decision to make given that there are so many of them on the market.

Smart lock on doorFollow the buying guide for smart locks for more on this.

#1: Is the smart lock compatible with your smartphone?

There’s no point in buying a smart lock if it is not compatible with your smartphone. There are some locks that work only with iPhone and others that work with Android phones. You should choose smart locks that are device independent and can work on both iPhone and Android phone.

#2: Can you control the access to the lock?

When buying a smart lock, you should look for one that can be accessed as many people as you choose. Any access should be based on the level of authorization to be set by you. This could mean setting the time limit for which someone can control the smart lock. So, if you have friends visiting over, you can allow them access to your smart locks for a set period, say 24 to 48 hours, so that they can lock and unlock the door during their stay at your home.

#3: Does the smart lock have Bluetooth compatibility?

Most of the new smart locks on the market come with Bluetooth compatibility, which means you don’t even have to take your phone out to unlock them. The locks open automatically as soon as you approach them and are within the set range. So, there is no reason to fumble for your phone or for the keys, the locks open like magic!

#4: Does it come with a backup system?

Remember, no technology is perfect; there is always a chance that the lock access system could fail completely. In that case, does the smart lock come with a backup option, such as allowing you to unlock it with a key or with a code? This is very important.

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