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Tools for Transponder Key Programming Services

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Electronic components for automotiveAs automotive locksmiths, we understand such situations occurs at the worst time, late at night or far from home. Dealers don’t offer key replacement services outside working hours and for a vehicle that are old. This makes automotive locksmith the best choice when it comes to transponder key programming.

As the world becomes more advanced, the manufacturers are introducing new technology. They aim to provide the best possible security to the users. On the other hand, the automotive locksmith trys to stay updtaed on all the chnages. This is why they are moving towards more advanced programming tools.

Let’s take a look at the tools available for an automotive locksmith.

Multi-platform Tool

Recently, multi-platform tools are used for transponder key programming. These tools are connected through the OBD-II port to the computer of the vehicle. The tools are powered by the vehicle instead of their own power.
If the vehicle power is not available, an auxiliary cable is provided. This enables you to power the equipment from a cigarette lighter or a jump box. These tools are focused on programming keys and eliminating the security related error codes.

Advanced Diagnostics TCode Pro

This machine has no software and it is sold at different levels. The first is the beginner level. You can add individual software package that is required for the various vehicles. The next level is the Apprentice and it includes 21 software packages. This covers all the famous manufacturers like Ford, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and Mitsubishi.

Moreover, another level is Journeyman level, it offers total 26 software packages. The top of the line master level includes 38 different software packages. New packages and updates are introduced on daily basis. The machine features touch-screen operation. It can be updated through USB connection and internet.

Keyless Ride Hotwire

This machine works with a laptop to program both the keys and remotes for the vehicles. The machine can be bought without the software packages or with packages. The machine features a laptop computer that does not require an internet connection for programming. But the machine should be connected to an internet connection for updates. This machine is offered at affordable rates making it easy for a locksmith to get into transponder programming.

Silca TKO

The Transponder Key Originator (TKO) is a single and easy to use device. It features a single cable for all the vehicles that are programmed through OBD-II port and an internal CAN router. It has a fast processor and big memory space.

One of the best thing about this tool is that it allows the users of old machines to have new software. The TKO complete has all the software packages while TKO Select has famous packages only.

Specialty Tools

There are many specialty tools that make transponder programming easy for a locksmith. Here are some of the famous devices.

EZ Flasher

EZ Flasher is a self-contained device that can be used to reprogram Lexus, Toyota, and Honda immobilizer units. This can be powered by the cigarette lighter socket in a car. All the updates are done through purchased SD card that must be inserted into the device.

Therefore, we are here to help you with all your automotive locksmith and transponder key programming needs. You can visit our website here or call us right now at 512-400-0004.

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