Top 9 Simple But Effective Things You Can Do Right Now To Secure Your Home

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Top 9 Simple But Effective Things You Can Do Right Now To Secure Your Home

According to the FBI, one out of every 36 homes can expect to be burglarized this year in the USA. The average loss to homeowners who are targeted by burglars is $2,230 – which adds up to $4.7 billion a year nationally. That is worrisome, for sure. So how do you protect yourself against a home burglary? Follow the 9 simple but effective tips given here.

Tip #1: Replace your locks.

How old are your locks? What sort of locks do you have on your front and back entrances? Deadbolts are the most secure types of locks. Most burglars enter a house either through the front door or the back door. Nothing excites them more than doors that don’t have a deadbolt on them. Call a residential locksmith today to replace your old and vulnerable locks with strong and durable deadbolt locks.

Tip #2: How strong are the front and back doors?

It will do you no good to install the powerful and secure locks such as deadbolts if the door frames used in the front and back entrances are too weak. Make sure that your doors are properly fortified and made strong enough to resist any external attack. Hire a local carpenter for this purpose.

Tip #3: Are the windows locked?

It is very important to have proper locks on the windows. It’s not enough to have window latches. Latches are often very flimsy. Secure all windows, especially those in the first and second storey. Also secure the basement windows. Remember – 23 percent of home burglaries occur through windows.

Tip #4: Install a modern security system.

All homes should be equipped with a modern security system. You should certainly have a basic camera installed. Smart cameras and smart locks make for a great choice. Add motion sensors to doors and windows for extra protection.

 Tip #5: Talk to your neighbors.

Don’t remain isolated – burglars take advantage of that. Talk to your neighbors, be friendly with them. They will keep an eye on your home when you are away and inform the authorities if they see something fishy going on. A good neighbor is the best protection your house can have.

 Tip #6: Join a neighborhood watch program.

Does your community have a neighborhood watch program? Be sure to join if there is such a group. The local police generally send an officer to educate such groups on home security. This can prove to be useful to you.

Tip #7: Light up the property.

Most burglaries occur in daytime when you are away at work. But night time burglaries are known to happen as well. To protect your property, place extra lights at the front and back yard. Install lights that come with motion sensors.

Tip #8: Get rid of all hiding spots around the property.

Trim down the trees and plants around your property so that they cannot be used for cover by an intruder. Remove the shrubs and bushes around your house – they are ideal hiding spots for burglars.

Tip #9: Get a home security audit done by a residential locksmith.

Call a reputable local residential locksmith to perform a home security audit. The locksmith checks vulnerabilities in the home security if any, and offers advice on fortifying your defenses. They conduct mock burglaries and find out if the house is strong enough to withstand such attempted break-ins. They offer great suggestions on improving your security.

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