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Car Key-Duplication

Save Hundreds On Replacing Car Keys! No Hidden Fees For Our Car Key Duplication. Car Key-Duplication Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004

Henry’s Lock & Key offers automotive-key-cutting services EVERY type of vehicle in the marketplace today – FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC! We maintain a FULL STOCK of key blanks. Car Key-Duplication Within 30 minutes one of our expert key-cutting MOBILE locksmiths can be at your door or workplace with your new or replacement car keys/transponder.


Re-keying is generally a faster and less expensive and allows you to keep existing hardware. Re-keying ignition-cylinders, for example, is often preferable to replacing or changing them when cars won’t start. Older, vintage, classic, or foreign cars are prime examples of vehicles you want to have locks re-keyed, primarily because of the difficulty finding replacement parts needed to make the repairs or replacement.

Henry’s Lock & Key has experienced locksmith technicians available to re-key any car. We can also make new keys to match your new-and-improved lock re-key. Our car lock service provides you with a full re-key or car-key copy service you need.

Call our Henry’s Lock & Key MOBILE car locksmith service at (512) 400-0004 to get a FREE QUOTE. We offer the best lock re-keying rates available in the Austin area!


Henry’s Lock & Key is Austin’s premier transponder-key programming service!

We can program new or existing transponder-keys for all makes and models and years of cars and trucks. Henry’s MOBILE locksmiths arrive with all the most current transponder-key programming equipment and technologies.

We offer competitively low transponder-key reprogramming service – $80-$120 in most cases. Our representatives can provide you with more information about our products, services, MOBILE TRANSPONDER-KEY PROGRAMMING, additional pricing, and our Limited Henry’s Lock & Key Warranty.

We reprogram transponder-keys for numerous car brands and years, including, but not limited to:

Land Rover
• And more!


Car Key-Duplication

Keyless remotes (key fobs) control locks, car alarm, trunk, or remote start. They are wirelessly programmed. They may be reprogrammed if the signal is lost or you need a replacement. Your Owner’s Manual generally instructs you how to reprogram your fob.

If you are not comfortable reprogramming your fob yourself, CALL US at (512) 400-0004, or visit us on FACEBOOK at https://www.facebook.com/henryslockandkey/.

Henry’s Lock & Key MOBILE SERVICE can quickly and conveniently arrive and reprogram it for you wherever you are. Reprogramming only takes a short couple of seconds Your remote will immediately be ready to use and you will be back to your own business in no time!

Car Key-Duplication


Have you lost or jammed your ignition-key? We can help!

We love our Vespa scooters here at Henry’s Lock & Key! Vespa’s unique style has a special place in our hearts. Most Vespas today, with some exceptions, require transponder keys that are chipped. They need to be programmed to work.

If you have lost your Vespa ignition-key, but have your Vespa master-key, we will match the ref. the number and quickly and precisely cut a new key blank that fits your model scooter. Our experienced technician will use the codes from the ECU/CDI/RFID to program it. You will have a duplication in minutes!

If you only want a Vespa-key duplicate, Henry’s Lock & Key MOBILE VAN can make as many copies for you as you like. We can also make you spare topcase or master keys for you to keep in case of future emergencies.

Do you need unique keys made for your older Vespa? Not a problem!

We keep kkey blanksfor the older, rarer model Vespas IN STOCK. Our experienced technician can make keys for virtually every model and year Vespa you have! Car Key-Duplication Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004

Henry’s Lock & Key is your FULL-SERVICE, ONE-STOP Vespa scooter locksmith service in the Austin area. We specialize in Vespa keys for every emergency or need, from key-cut and duplication to fob and re-flashing.

Call (512) 400-0004 to talk with our knowledgeable Vespa scooter representatives! We can provide more information about our products, services, FAST SERVICE, and Manufacturer’s as well as Henry’s Limited Warranty.

Our business hours are 7:00 am – 9:00 pm Sunday through Friday. We are closed Saturdays. Call us for FREE QUOTES on products and services. There are NEVER ANY HIDDEN FEES!

DON’T LET YOURSELF GET STRANDED! Henry’s Lock & Key provides 24/7 Roadside Emergency Service for Vespa scooters just like all other motorized vehicles! Call (512) 400-0004 and we will immediately dispatch our experienced technician that can be there to help you within 20-30 minutes! Car Key-Duplication Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004

Ask about our MOBILE SERVICES for:

• Vespa key-programming
• Vespa key-replacement
• Vespa master-key
• Vespa key blanks
• Vespa locksets
• Vespa key-fob
• Vespa re-flashing
• And more!

We make new Vespa scooter keys for every year and model, including, but not limited to:

Vespa 98
Vespa 125
Vespa 125
Vespa 125
Vespa 125 U
Vespa 150
Vespa PK 125 A
Vespa PK 50 A
Vespa P125 ETS
Vespa 150 GS
Vespa 125
Vespa 150
Vespa 125
Vespa 125 S
Vespa160 GS
Vespa PK 125
Vespa PK 50
Vespa COSA
Vespa 150 GL
Vespa 50
Vespa 180 SS
Vespa 125
Vespa 90 SS
Vespa 125 Prima
Vespa PX 200
Vespa PX 150 E
Vespa N
Vespa Rally 180
Vespa 50 Elest.
Vespa Rally 200
Vespa 50 S
Vespa 125 ET3
Vespa P125X
Vespa p 200 E
Vespa PX 150
Vespa T5 Pole

DON’T BE STUCK WITHOUT A SPARE! Call us Today at (512) 400-0004 to get your spare-keys cut or fob programmed! You can also visit us online at https://www.automotivelocksmithaustin.com/ or on FACEBOOK at https://www.facebook.com/henryslockandkey/. Car Key-Duplication Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004

Car Key-Duplication
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Car Key-Duplication
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Save Hundreds On Replacing Car Keys! No Hidden Fees For Our Car Key Duplication. Car Key-Duplication Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004

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