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  • Why We Need Commercial Locksmith Services In Austin TX?

Locked Out Austin

If  You Locked Out Form Your Hose In Austin Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004 Henry’s Lock & Key Locked Out Austin Call Us Today: (512) 400-0004!

Locked Out AustinLocked Out Austin have you become accidentally locked out of your home, your business or your auto? Locked out Austin residents call Henry’s Lock And Key at (512) 400-0004. We offer fast, skilled assistance.

Lockouts happen more often than many folks imagine. If you’ve lost or misplaced a key (or accidentally locked it inside your home or car), you’ll want to remember our phone number: (512) 400-0004. We serve the entire Austin Area from Del Valle to Round Rock. Ask Henry’s Lock And Key to send a skilled locksmith to your door quickly. Our team solves lockout problems 24/7.

Locked Out Austin

Locked Keys? No Problem!

Locked keys don’t need to cause you worry anymore. Henry’s Lock and Key offers a full range of skilled residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. We resolve lockout problems for customers quickly and professionally.

Our fast response times delight customers. Don’t wait hours simply to regain access to your possessions. We unlock doors rapidly without damaging locks. Contact us first whenever a lockout from your property occurs.

Broken Keys Extracted Correctly

Sometimes keys break off or stick inside locks. Request skilled broken key removal. We’ll carefully extract the broken portion of the key from the lock so you can secure the door again!

If a key breaks apart or jams, you might feel tempted to force it out. Don’t do that! You could accidentally damage the locking mechanism. Instead call Henry’s Lock And Key at (512) 400-0004.

Obtain Duplicate House Keys Quickly

We’ll help you obtain duplicate house keys for doors in your residence. Sometimes we can perform a locks rekey; you’ll receive a different set of new keys which work with your existing lock. Locks rekey services help customers save money. We’ll undertake a lock change for you if a door lock sustained damage and requires replacement.

Don’t search online for “a 24-hour locksmith near me”. Call us instead! (We also supply a great car lockout service, too. Call us to unlock car door handles and auto trunks. We often unlock car glove compartments and car tool chests for property owners.) Locked out Austin relies on us to help regain access to homes, offices, and vehicles! We offer fast, dependable service.



Locked Out Austin
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If  You Locked Out Form Your Hose In Austin Just Call Us Now:(512) 400-0004 Henry's Lock & Key Locked Out Austin Call Us Today: (512) 400-0004!

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