Need to hire a ECU reflash service?

If you own a vehicle that does not offer the ability to reprogram transponder keys without taking your vehicle to a company that is not good, relax, we are your best alternative.

No need to pay for an expensive immobilizer module! Call now! (512)400-0004

You cannot take your ECU to get reflashed to just any automotive locksmith.

Many vehicles today do not offer a diagnostic port to easily plugin a diagnostic machine so that the average locksmith can reprogram new transponder keys. Here at Henry’s Lock and Key we have the technical know-how and expertise to reflash ECU units.

ECU Reflash by HenryHow our ECU reflash services work:

• Call us first – The sooner that you call us, the sooner that your problem is solved.

• We will determine if your vehicle needs ECU reflashing – Many vehicles do not need a ECU. reflsh service. We will determine if your vehicle indeed needs this type of service.

• We are mobile – We will come to you. Our vans contain all of the latest in ECU reflashing equipment, diagnotic tools and blank transponder keys.

• We will remove your ECU – Removing the ECU is a fairly straightforward process.

• Programming your ECU – Our experts will then reprogram your ECU to work with your nice-new set of transponder keys.

• Reinstall ECU back into the vehicle – Once the ECU is reflashed we will professionally reinstall it back into your vehicle.

• Hand you new transponder keys – In a matter of an hour (most cases) you will have your new transponder keys.

Common questions about ECU reflashing.

  1. Question: Would it be possible to come to my location and help me? Answer: Yes. All of our ECU reflashing services are mobile and come to your location.
  2. Question: I have a cracked or broken remote key. Can you fix it? Answer: Yes. We fix remote head keys all of the time. We will cut a new key for you and swap out the electronics.
  3. Question: How long does it take for you to service my ECU? Answer: Usually under an hour from the time that we arrive at your door. Our professionals are fast and very good at their trade.
  4. Question: What make and models do you offer ECU reflashing services for? Answer: We can reflash every make and model common in the American marketplace.

toyota reflash

ecu kit
ECU reflashing services in Austin Texas. – Best in the area!

Our automotive ecu reflashing services specialize in the following automobiles. *Don’t see your particular vehicle listed below? Contact us because more than likely we will be able to help you.

Toyota ECU Reflashing

98-06 Toyota 4 Runner
98-04 Toyota Avalon
98-06 Toyota Camry
98-06 Toyota Corolla
01-06 Toyota Highlander
98-06 Toyota Land Cruiser
05-06 Toyota Matrix
00-05 Toyota MR2
01-06 Toyota Prius
98-06 Toyota Sienna
02-07 Toyota Rav 4
01-06 Toyota Sequoia
98-06 Toyota Solara
05-07 Toyota Tacoma

Lexus ECU Reflashing

98-03 Lexus ES300
04-06 Lexus ES330
98-03 Lexus GS300
98-00 Lexus GS400
01-03 Lexus GS430
03-04 Lexus GS470
01-03 Lexus IS300
97-00 Lexus LS400
01-04 Lexus LS430
98-05 Lexus LX470
93-03 Lexus RX300
04-06 Lexus RX330
04-06 Lexus RX400
98-00 Lexus SC300
98-00 Lexus SC400
02-06 Lexus SC430

Honda/Acura ECU Reflashing

97-05 Acura NSX
96-05 Acura RL
97-02 Honda Prelude

No need to pay for an expensive immobilizer module! Call now! (512)400-0004

Need your ECU reflashed? Give us a call right now. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you. “Your choice” when you need ECU reflash services in Austin!

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