We love the Peugeot automotive brand. – We’re passionate about making keys for Peugeot’s.

Are you a Peugeot fanatic like we are here at Henry’s Lock and Key? Great because if you need a new set of Peugeot keys cut then we are your go-to locksmith. How have we grown into the go to Peugeot key cutting company in Austin? Simple: we dedicate our locksmith vans to keeping on hand literally 1000’s of blank Peugeot keys in stock. Everyday our handful of professional looking locksmith vans are restocked by our staff to insure they are fully loaded with every type of key and tools needed to make you the absolute most premium Peugeot keys in the marketplace.

Everyone has their favorite Peugeot model. Which one is your favorite?

Over the years we have make keys for just about every Peugeot model on American soil. This includes the following popular models. Which model do you own? Which is your favorite?

  • 104
  • 106
  • 107
  • 205
  • 206
  • peugeot car207
  • 301
  • 306
  • 307
  • 309
  • 403
  • 405
  • 406
  • 407
  • 504
  • 505
  • 1007
  • 3008
  • 4007
  • Partner
  • Expert

Don’t see your particular vehicle in the list above? Relax, we make Peugeot keys for every model ever made. Now that is real dedication to the Peugeot name. Are you as dedicated to your Peugeot as we are? Give us a call for us to come by to make you your new set of Peugeot keys. 512-400-0004

What kind of Peugeot key cutting services do you need?

  • peugeotTransponder keys cut.
  • Door, trunk, gas cap keys.
  • Ignition keys made on site.
  • Fast and reliable services.
  • Top of the line keys.
  • Peugeot replacement keys.
  • Back by manufactures warranty.

We are the mobile friendly Peugeot experts.

No other locksmith in Austin does it like us. Our Peugeot key replacement services are premium. For the upmost quality Peugeot door keys and transponder keys count on us to provide you with the highest level of quality. – Excellent value!