Subaru smart keys in just a matter of days.

If you are like most Austin residents and you are unprepared in the event that you need Subaru smart key programming services then you are probably surprised on the cost and inconvenience that needing Subaru smart key programming services in Austin really is.

Instead of waiting potentially for weeks to get your new Subaru smart keys programmed we will be able to get them to you super duper quick. Now that is fast response and service you know!

These new Subaru smart key services include all of the last 2017 models and many of the older models that offered the smart key technologies.

  • Impreza
  • Legacy
  • Crosstrek
  • Forester
  • Outback
  • BRZ
  • WRX

Did you lose or damage your Subaru smart keys (transponder keys)? We know how you are feeling!

“I was out camping in my Subaru Outback when my best buddy crashed his ATV into our campsite on a dare thinking that he could jump the fire pit. Mr. Stuntman ruined his left collar bone and ran over my Outback smart keys. What an idiot!” -Brad Austin Texas

“When I lost my 2012 Subaru Legacy keys I did not know what to do. I found this wonderful Subaru smart key service in Texas for my new Subaru BRZ and now I never worry about losing my smart keys again.” -Shelly C. South Austin TX

We know what you are going through and have the solution that you need.

Here at Henry’s Lock & Key we get this all of the time. Most of the Subaru keys manufactured for the American market come with only smart car key features. We are beginning to see a new and different car key programming market emerge. Out of this need we have evolved are Subaru smart key replacement services.

More of what our happy customers are saying about our Subaru transponder key programming services.

“Dudes! So glad that I found you. I had been camping out of my Subaru Outback for nearly 2 months when in the process of unloading my Kayak I crunched my Subaru Outback smart keys. Total bummer because I was just loading back up the Kayak after a 5 day excursion down the river. I was hungover and sun burnt. Worse I was dehydrated and tired. These guys saved the day and handed my my new Subaru Outback keys in less than 48 hours.” -Roger M. New Mexico USA

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