Henry’s Lock and Key specialize in Volvo keys!

If you own and drive a Volvo we will help you with your Volvo automotive keys. Whether you have lost your Volvo keys, need a spare set made or if you need to get a new set of Volvo transponder keys programmed, no problem because Volvo keys are what we do best here at Henry’s Lock and Key!

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  • Any Volvo Model
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Henry’s Lock and Key specialize in  Volvo vehicles. We have the right tools and the technical know-how to not only provide you with the most premium set of Volvo keys available in and around Austin. Who could ask for anything more? Friendly service, premium service, premium parts and excellent value. – That is how we do Volvo keys!

Call now for Volvo keys and we can be there in just a matter of minutes.

When you need your new Volvo keys fast we will arrive at you fast. Really fast! In most, cases you will have a technician on site in just a matter of minutes. That is great service. One of the best places to get Volvo keys in Austin.

Lockout, Lost Or Broken Volvo Car Keys? Call Us (512) 400-0004 Fast & Reliable.

We Service All Models Any Year:

Volvo XC Classic, C30, S40, XC40, V40, V50, S60, XC60, S70, V70, C70, XC70 II, S80, S90, V90, XC90

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 We’re mobile and will send someone to your aid very quickly. The number is 512 500-0004. Don’t forget these digits.

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I Lost My Car Keys! What Do I Do Now?

Lost car keys are common. Let’s face it when life gets hectic and we rush through the day, mishaps occur and lost auto keys happens to be one of the more common of the problems we experience and need car key replacement as the result. We drop the keys as we rush, misplace them, or face other obstacles that leave us to scream I lost my car keys to anyone who will listen! It is so frustrating, but luckily, a locksmith can help. Call us when you need car key replacement and we’ll ensure that this issue doesn’t ruin the day. We’ll make your keys on spot and since we’re mobile, can come to your location when you cannot get to us. Our keys are precisely cut so they work as they should each time you put them into the ignition or another key slot on your auto. I lost my car keys is so often the first words we hear when we pick up our business line. Trust our expertise to help you when you need a new Volvo ignition key, a trunk key, or even a transponder key. We will handle your emergency with ease!

Austin Volvo Car Lockout Service/Emergency Service

Aside from the need for car key replacement, we receive many calls for emergency lockout service. If you’ve locked your keys in the car, call us to unlock car and we’ll get to you quickly to resolve the problem. We’ll unlock the car without causing any damage to the paint or other areas of your vehicle. We offer our mobile car lockout service for all vehicle makes and models. Like all of our services, we can come to you when you’re locked out of the car and need to get back in quickly. Write our number down and make sure that it is stored inside of your phone, too. Call us at 512 400-0004 and we’ll rush our auto locksmithing expert your way!

Fob Replacement

Do you need fob replacement on your Volvo vehicle? If you’re one of the many Austin driver enjoying the advantage of keyless entry, pat yourself on the back for taking this major leap! Many drivers appreciate the added security and peace of mind that keyless entry and remote start offer. But, if there is damage to the fob, it can be pretty scary. You’re left wondering where to turn to repair the damage or to get a fob replacement, the costs of such a job, and many other daunting questions. When you call our locksmithing pros, rest assured that we offer top-notch fob replacement and repair service that will exceed your expectations. We maintain low costs for repair and replacement and ensure a quality job done the right way.

We’re Always Nearby

emergency locksmith services ensure that someone is on call, ready to bail you out of any jam. We will make a transponder, change the transponder, unlock the doors, handle lockouts, and so much more. The number is 512 400-0004. Remember the number! We understand the frustrations of a lock problem and make sure we never leave you hanging longer than necessary. Do not panic knowing that our pros are on their way to you! No matter where you are located in the Austin area, we’ll rush to your needs and get you back on the road quickly. And, we’ll do it a cost that might surprise you. We’ve never been like the ‘other guys.’ Setting ourselves apart from the ordinary has always filled us with happiness. As such, we maintain superb services from locksmith experts. You shouldn’t be forced into debt when you need a locksmith and when you call our pros, that is a worry that is soon behind you. Request your free, no-obligation estimate to start the process. Get your estimate when you call us at (512) 400-0004.

We Service Your Volvo Auto Needs

We service all makes and models of vehicles, whether you’re driving a car, a truck, an SUV, or even a van. We specialize in Volvo vehicles but can service any vehicle that you are driving. When we arrive at your location, we’re prepared with all of the tools and equipment necessary to handle any service request the right way, whether it is a car key replacement or a fob replacement need. We handle your Volvo locksmithing needs with pride and car, treating your needs as if they were our very own. The outcome is a job done the right way, the first time around that gets you back on the road and puts a fast end to your frustrations. We’d love to add your name to our list of satisfied customers. Call us when you need us. The number is 512 400-0004 and we’re all around Austin waiting to help you.

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