Effective Date: July 4, 2018


The products that are sold by Henry’s Lock & Key are warranted against any defects in their materials and workmanship as specified by the manufacture. Some of the products that are sold and installed have extended manufacture warranties. All manufacture warranties apply to the products that we sell. If product replacement is required the customer is responsible for all installation service charges and shipping charges if they apply. If there is ever a problem with the parts that we have installed and sold to you please call us at (512)400-0004.


The warranty described here does not apply to damages to the parts caused by misuse, this includes using the part for an application other than typically used for, abuse, modification and operation of the parts in a way that is not consistent to what they were designed for. Our warranties are limited to the initial purchase price of the parts installed. Additionally, Henry’s Lock & Key is not liable for normal manufacturing defects that happen. We will do everything in our power to correct any issues that you may be having and help you to fairly replace defective parts.

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